Over 90% of relationships can be salvaged.

Your relationship is no different.

So it doesn’t matter what mistakes you’ve made or either of you made up until this point. It doesn’t matter if you’ve already begged and pleaded for him/ her to take you back. It doesn’t even matter if you think either of you are madly in love with another partner right now.

Your relationship with each other is fixable, even if you don’t think it’s possible for the other to ever love you again.


Now, Let’s Get Straight To The Facts 

But in order to fall back in love again with each other you both need to be aware of a few important facts:

FACT NUMBER ONE:  Chances are, you’re both so heartbroken right now that you’re probably doing or saying things that are pushing each other further away  without both of you even realizing you’re doing it. If you want to ever regain that attraction ever again, you’ll have to press the reset button.

FACT NUMBER TWO:  You’re going to have to accept that your ‘old’ relationship is gone, and you can’t have it back.  And that’s actually a good thing, because your ‘old’ relationship sucked anyway… After all, if your relationship was going so well, then why did you two break up?

Let me make it clear:  I don’t mean that you can’t be with  your ex back…. I mean that you both have to start a new relationship.  A healthy one, free of cheating and lies and all the other things that led to your breakup in the first place.  

FACT NUMBER THREE:  In order to be back with your ex and establish a new, healthy relationship, you need to erase all of the negative memories and thoughts they have of you… And replace them with positive ones.  You need to tap in to their primal, subconscious feelings and plant the seeds of passion, romance, and sexuality so that they can’t imagine themselves with anyone else.

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