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Georgiana George

Life Coach, Mentor, Cognitive Behavioural Therapist, Accredited NLP Practitioner.

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Paraag Davé
Paraag Davé
01:17 13 Nov 20
Excellent life coach and support for mental health treatment. Her approach is unique and focussed on making things... better rather than dwelling on the past. Her passion is second to none - could not be more highly recommended. Having tried a few alternatives she has an approach / gift that more
Alice Bramston
Alice Bramston
09:03 11 Oct 20
Georgiana is amazing and I feel so lucky to have found her. I initially reached out by phone and was surprised at just... how accommodating she was, seeing me late that same Friday night, and how comfortable she made me feel. I initially booked for a 2 hour session, and wasn’t sure I would even need this amount of time. Luckily Georgiana didn’t have another client after so I was able to stay for nearly four hours. Time went unbelievably fast and a lot of progress was made in this time. Georgiana was quick to read my situation and help me navigate through, providing clarity and empathy. I felt connected to Georgiana straight away and have benefited greatly from our first couple of sessions. The whole experience has been therapeutic, moving and rewarding. Highly more
Yogini Patel
Yogini Patel
11:24 29 Sep 20
Don't usually write reviews but can honestly say Georgiana is a great life coach. Can't believe how much of a... difference she has made in the last two months using her techniques and methods.Each session is booked for 1.5 hours and at first I did not think we would need that much time. Georgiana never looks at the time, she listens and gives you the support and the guidance that you need and the session always lasts longer then 1.5 hours.Highly recommendedread more
Salah eddin Haji Rachid
Salah eddin Haji Rachid
11:32 07 Sep 20
Dear Georgiana, thank you!Really impressed .Really made a big difference.Kind regards,
10:16 07 Sep 20
Georgiana really made a difference and has helped me a lot her method her warmth are unique and effective
Andy Blower
Andy Blower
17:46 05 Sep 20
Absolutely fantastic service Georgina is truely gifted in her expertise
Eugenia Alexa
Eugenia Alexa
16:05 05 Sep 20
Georgiana works differently than other therapists I went to before.My sessions with her feel more like being with my... best friend , able to speak about everything and getting her constant support and feedback and mentorship to obtain the set goals. Her sessions are never 50 mins - which is nice because i get to express myself but also I get a lot from her and leave always with a result . I have managed to see at long last the results I was dreaming about. I don’t know how she does it - but she does!Thanks a million Georgianaread more
Dana Michaels
Dana Michaels
13:41 04 Aug 20
I am not one to usually write reviews, especially on something so personal, but I hope this will help you as much as it... has truly helped me! I am feeling a lot more confident and motivated as a result of my sessions with Georgiana. Thank you! Well worth it. I'm so chuffed!!read more
Kerstin Beyer
Kerstin Beyer
20:08 16 Jul 20
Georgiana is a great life coach. You will not regret meeting her. She will guide you successfully and safely and she is... worth every penny and a lot more. I recommend her highlyread more
Johnny Adamson
Johnny Adamson
18:15 15 Jul 20
I reached out for professional help 6 months ago when everything else I was trying was failing and I was getting worse... by the day. My anxiety and stress levels were unbearable and my panic attacks were severe. Georgiana has given me amazing coping mechanisms and went into the depths of the many issues that were causing me grief. Within just a few sessions I noticed a big difference and followed the program with her diligently. Now we are topping up for me to keep up the good work and results. Very pleased. Couldn’t recommend her highly enough. Thank you!read more
William Watson
William Watson
15:36 14 Jul 20
It’s hard to put in to words how amazing Georgiana is. I met her at a very difficult time in my life where I was... struggling with heavy anxiety and stress, amongst other things. She’s a great listener, she very quickly picked up on the causes of my issues, and gave incredible advice and tools on how to cope better. The positive change in me was fairly instant, and I feel blessed to have found her. I would highly recommend her to more
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My name is Georgiana George. I am here to make the difference to your life!

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In order to transform your life, you need to firstly acknowledge that something has to change. We tend to realise this usually after we experience problems in one or more areas of our lives: self-image, self-worth, confidence, overcoming fears, overcoming stress, anxiety, going through relationship issues, emotional pain, etc.

This is when a life coach can significantly help you make the changes within yourself after identifying together the self-limiting beliefs that hold you back.

True life coaching is not about having a Master telling you how to live your life. It is about helping you to find your own Master within yourself, enabling you to access your own internal strength, potential and power.

Life coach is an advisor, a solution and opportunity finder, a mentor who helps people make decisions, set and reach goals, identify and deal with problems with blockages whether external or internal and assist with surpassing their own limiting beliefs that stagnate them on their journey ahead. 

Your life coach and mentor Georgiana George
Make the change with professional life coach and therapist!


I conduct a first long and deep assessment of 90–120 minutes, identifying your individual areas of concern, which will give you ample time to express yourself. I use strategic questions, specific to your situation, in order to bring up the core of your problems. This initial long assessment gives me a good basis with which to work and I then create the individual tailor-made strategies that bring long-lasting and satisfying results to your life.

It is this tailor-made technique that helps you quickly shift your perception, way of thinking and behavioural patterns, thereby making the huge difference. My work is based on building a strong rapport with you as my client in order for you to feel safe and secure. This will allow you to open up with ease and comfort, and communicate in great depth your concerns, worries, feelings.


  • I treat you with deep empathy and understanding, relating fully to the specific situation.
  • I change your life with breakthrough techniques that bring instant results and put you on a new journey of transformation, progress and success.
  • I put myself in your shoes and I resolve your issues or situations by seeing the world through your eyes and, at the same time, guiding you skilfully and gently to make the changes within yourself and move you forward.
  • I help my clients to build healthy and strong coping mechanisms and I offer them the necessary skills to succeed and excel. Growth happens when we leave our comfort zone and grow from adversity, loss and overcoming heartache; each adversity offers us an opportunity. In finding the opportunity,
  • Together we embark on a path, tailor-made for you in order for you to change and take control of your own life.


In my work as a life coach and therapist, I always try to be mindful that I am the product of my own journey, of being a perfectly imperfect human being. Vulnerable as anyone to the same kind of worries, fears, mistakes, confusion, lack of confidence, heartbreaks, as those my clients go through.

Hence, I deal with all my clients from a position of empathy and relating to their own issues, having come out the other end myself. It was only after I had to face my own challenges that I decided to take control over my own life choices and build myself up again.

Becoming a NLP practitioner under the direct supervision of Dr Richard Bandler, co -founder of Neuro Linguistic Programming, has ensured that I can help those who seek to make major beneficial changes to their lives.

Alongside this, being a Reiki Master, I am able to offer wellbeing to the inner self, which is essential for balance, growth and transformation.


I prefer working face to face with my clients, but I equally do Zoom sessions for those who cannot reach me.



Anxiety is generated by how our mind perceives a feared situation and our inability to access our coping skills from within. I offer my clients the ability to access their capacity to be resilient and build the coping mechanism that eradicates and deals with anxiety in all its forms.


Every day we face a range of external and self-imposed pressure within a society of expectations and achievements that puts people under overwhelming stress, anxiety and feelings of unworthiness. Be it at work or in our private lives, with our families and friends, stress appears in all shapes and forms. Technology is everywhere, constantly bombarding us with news, as mobile phones have become an essential part of everyday life. This, in turn, exacerbates our stress levels. Once the causes are identified, we then apply personalised techniques to help you cope and manage the stress.


We are the captain of our own ship. When coming across hurdles, blocks and doubt, we stagnate or divert the course of our journey. I am here to listen and help with overcoming difficult emotional blockages and self-limiting beliefs that hinder and hold you back from achieving your maximum potential. Together we explore the map that takes you to your self-esteem and confidence for a smoother and more fulfilling journey ahead.


Going through life we experience painful and overwhelming emotions that may be the result of loss, bereavement, relationship issues, friends, lovers, partners, depression, feelings of isolation and post trauma. Through a diligent counselling process, I guide you to find individual tailor-made strategies to firstly make sense of the painful experiences. Then I support you in finding the acceptance, applying tools and well documented structured techniques. These will help you move you forward with a balanced, healed and open mind and heart.


We all want lifestyle changes whether it is our calling, building our dream career, losing weight, developing new habits, or healthier patterns of daily life. In order to achieve your full potential and goals, I help with unlocking certain limiting beliefs that may be sabotaging you. Transforming your mindset and dealing with the root cause, I help you to achieve the change within yourself to make the difference to your own life.


Losing someone who is close to you is one of the most difficult and painful experience for many. After a certain period of time, there is an expectation for one to ‘move on’. However, grief manifests itself differently to each individual and some may find themselves locked into the past.


Whether you’re on your own, married or simply dating, I am here to help and support you, no matter how you identify. Many people have a misconception about relationship counselling. I work with both individuals and couples. I have developed my own unique strategy to obtaining the optimal results with the highest rate of success for relationship/marriage counselling.

  • Firstly, I will have an initial session with both partners, where I will identify the energy between the two and their perspective views of each other and will hear both their “stories”.
  • Secondly, I separate their sessions and work with each individually, with utmost level of confidentiality and trust, identifying underlying issues existent during their relationship/marriage. Moreover, I will identify those potential issues pertaining to each other’s past before they met, or even going further down in time, into their childhood, which, in my opinion, is usually responsible for 90% of the cases of each individual’s ingrained patterns of behaviour.
  • Thirdly, I give them a clear perspective of each other’s “world’s “, help them find their solutions, teach them strategies. Furthermore, when I consider appropriate, I bring them back together in joint sessions where they are more understanding of each other’s perspectives and wishes. As a result, they then regard each other from each other’s point of view with more consideration and appreciation for the other, with respect and acceptance and a wider, deeper mutual understanding, willing to build further and not destroy. Building takes time, perseverance and hard work, but it also gives the most satisfying results, rewards and lasting fulfilment.

“To walk a mile in each other’s shoes’ makes such a big difference and getting to be able to articulate feelings, emotions, frustrations, wishes etc is so healing and productive in moving the relationship to a completely different level. Consequently, I become the “bridge” between the two, like a mediator, and help them meet in the middle in unity, understanding and togetherness. I also offer skills and strategies for both partners to use and tackle each other’s needs and deepest wishes; a very important step towards their joint fulfilment.


As a qualified therapist working with young people and a mother of four children myself, I have ample experience in this field. I work with the individual and address all issues of concern. Equally, I work with the family as a whole to support the process for quick and successful results. Together we explore the possible reasons of the various issues that are prevalent to these fragile and vulnerable stages of one’s life. There can be numerous factors that affect greatly this developmental stage of life:

Possible reasons that cause “distress” in young people

  • finding and establishing one’s identity
  • low confidence and self-esteem resulting from potential damaging and painful experiences in childhood, bullying, poor parenting
  • first dating and relationships, that are usually fragile and transient. These could possibly leave one with feelings of rejection and low confidence that they carry through out their lives
  • poor social rapport with their peer group as a result of shyness and introvertedness.
  • Poor child – parent relationship that generate self limiting beliefs and low self-esteem issues that impact heavily on their future

I will help you to know yourself better, to identify core values, set your boundaries, understand your past, but also help you with specific adequate techniques to move forward and have the life you desire, achieving your goals. I help you to build confidence and improve your self-esteem. Also I offer you the coping mechanisms to deal with your own emotions and “the world outside.”

Life coaching and therapy

Your personal life coach and therapist

“Georgiana spoke with incredible warmth and compassion during our community event. Her knowledge and personal insight put residents at ease during discussions about overcoming adversity and managing anxiety. Georgiana demonstrated genuine empathy and I am not surprised she has achieved such positive results with her clients. I would recommend her to anyone seeking guidance from an experienced mentor or coach.”

Matt Uberoi, Community Projects Manager in RBKC ( Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea )

Hi there Georgiana My name is Barbara Ofori-Boateng 😃I was one of the many who attended the Zoom meeting yesterday , hosted by Matt Uberoi -Community Project Manager at Chelsea Theatre in RBKC (Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea ). I found your explanation of the role of a life coach very interesting. Helping a person by first listening, allowing them to download ,then encouraging them to reflect on aspects of their past, especially their childhood and past experiences and relationships that have had a negative impact on their lives now. Then helping them set goals and develop strategies and techniques to achieve a less stressful life and promote more positive thoughts and overcome low self esteem and develop self confidence. You are AMAZING. You have inspired me to opened doors I couldn’t imagine. Thank you xxx

Barbara Ofori-Boateng

Life coach and therapist in London


I prefer working face to face with my clients, but I equally do Zoom sessions for those who cannot reach me



• Happiness/fulfilment level

• Peak performance/maximising your potential

• Sense of purpose/goal setting

• Productivity/taking action

• Gaining clarity

• Overcoming procrastination

• Work/life balance

• Dating

• Getting over a break-up

• Confidence/self-belief

• Self-love

• Motivation

• Energy level

• Personal development

• Interests/passions

• Stress reduction

• Health/wellbeing

• Organisation skills

• Social/communication skills

• Assertiveness

• Body language/voice tonality

• Public speaking

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Techniques to build up self-esteem and confidence

Zoom meeting , hosted by Matt Uberoi -Community Project Manager at Chelsea Theatre in RBKC (Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea ) What is Life Coaching and how it can benefit us.

Coping advice for those that suffer loss in all its forms. Advice of a life coach.

Advise for people going through various forms of crisis, whether having to deal with a job loss, illness or loss of a family member.

What is Life Coaching and how it can benefit us.

What is Life Coaching and how it can benefit us.