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I have seen and had many sessions with many therapists and life coaches over the years. Georgiana has been the most effective, valuable and successful i have ever worked with. Georgiana's unconventional and unique methodology and techniques of working are unparalleled to that of any other therapist and life coach around. I would definitely advise and recommend to opt for longer sessions with Georgiana as this would allow you to truly benefit from the sessions, she will have the time to really deep dive into the sources and origins of your problems, neurosis, emotions and mental health and give you great feedback and knowledge, the longer sessions are also great value for your money.
- Thomas Zupan
There really is something very special about a conversation with Georgina. It’s almost like she can see straight into your soul. It won’t take her very long to sit in your shoes. Trust me on that. It’s very refreshing to have someone that truly cares about her job and the people she helps. I didn’t have to constantly explain myself like I have done with other therapists. Her style of therapy is extremely different to other therapists. So forget what you “think you know” about therapy when you make an appointment with her. It can be so difficult to find the right therapist. It can feel hopeless and exhausting. But it is safe to say that someone who doesn’t even take a bathroom break (because they don’t want to interrupt you), is the kind of therapist you should be looking for. That actually happened in my session with Georgina. Her dedication to helping you is second to none. I look forward to seeing her again as it’s like seeing that one friend who just “gets” it. It’s easy, it’s comfortable and most importantly, it’s most likely what you have been looking for. And I really mean that x
- Ro Fagan


Georgiana has a really different and refreshing approach to therapy and lifecoaching which is impactful from day 1. She goes absolutely above and beyond, always making more time than scheduled and offering to chat outside of appointments. It’s such a different, friendly experience and I can already feel my mindset shifting after just a few sessions.
- Faye Cruickshank
Excellent life coach and support for mental health treatment. Her approach is unique and focussed on making things better rather than dwelling on the past. Her passion is second to none - could not be more highly recommended. Having tried a few alternatives she has an approach / gift that works.
- Paraag Davé