Divorce is a challenging journey, but mediation offers a path to resolution with dignity and understanding. Our divorce mediation services provide a supportive environment for couples seeking an amicable and fair separation, which minimises the impact on their children or families. Through empathetic guidance and effective communication techniques, we facilitate constructive discussions, empowering you to make informed decisions about your future, finding much necessary peace and balance to go each others separate way. Our goal is to navigate this transition smoothly, minimising conflict and prioritising mutually beneficial solutions, centred on your own well-being and individual wishes. Let me guide you through this process with compassion, respect, and a focus on finding a positive way forward.


Georgiana’s levels of dedication and commitment to creating great outcomes for her clients are second to none. I came across Georgiana at a difficult time in my life and she has helped me regain my strength. She is authentic, kind, caring, endlessly supportive and goes above and beyond, time and time again. Her support is unwavering and her genuine concern for, and dedication to my well-being is evident in every interaction. Georgiana is a gem in her field, and I’ll be forever grateful for the positive impact she has had on my life.
- Will S
From the very first session I felt Georgiana made a big difference to my situation. She is very thorough with her approach and covers all aspects and gives solid support. She delivers mentorship as well as coping techniques that prove to be very effective. My perspective has changed rapidly and it has given me the freedom to move forward with clarity and direction. I’m very lucky to have found her. It is like talking to a very good wise friend that is always there to back you up , explain everything , put it into a healthy perspective and also give you the options forward. I’ve had therapy / counselling before. She exceeds by far any other I’ve been to. She is a therapist with a big caring heart who makes a huge difference in a very short time. Her sessions are longer to cover my needs but that’s what has helped me move forward so fast. And that’s what makes her so special. She takes her time to get it right and never fails to give value for money. You can’t go wrong with her.
- Renata Smith