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Relationships are the heart of our lives, but they can face hurdles. Whether you are on your own, married, dating, or searching for pre-marital counselling, I am here to support you. Through compassionate counselling and my own unique strategy, you can discover pathways to understanding, learning the skills of communication, and intimacy, obtaining the optimal results with the highest rate of success:

Firstly, I will have an initial session with both partners where I will identity the energy between the two and their differences, taking into consideration their points of view from a mediator’s perspective. I then separate their sessions and work with each individual, with the utmost level of confidentiality and trust. Here, I identify underlying issues existent in their relationship but also identify potential issues pertaining to each other’s past before they met which contribute to ingrained patterns of behaviour. Finally, I bring awareness and perspective to each other’s positions. Furthermore, I bring them back together in joint sessions where there is more understanding of one another’s point of view and wishes with a rewired awareness. As a result of this crucial step, they are able to regard each other’s perspectives with more respect and a wider, deeper mutual understanding, willing to build their relationship further.

I become a "bridge" between the two, as a mediator, and help them meet in the middle in unity and understanding. I offer them the optimal structures and ‘rules’ for a better relationship or marriage. Whether you are looking to reignite a long term partnership or you are wanting to safeguard the longevity and fulfilment of your relationship before the big day, the Life Coach London supports you every step of the way. Take the first step towards cultivating love, trust, and harmony in your relationship today.


I rarely write reviews . She is an excellent life coach and she works in an unconventional way to bring quick results. Actually we went as a couple but she quickly identified and worked intensively to make me understand the root cause for everything . She puts her heart into our case. She is my guide and brought light to our life. God bless her
- Adhuajudhanwi 28105
My partner and I attended our first session with Georgiana and I was impressed at how intuitive and straightforward her approach is. She gives longer sessions to ensure that we have enough time to process the information and tools she gives, and everything she said made so much sense. Her approach is very unique. She genuinely wants us to move forward very quickly, which at a crossroads moment in a relationship is of upmost importance. I really value her approach and the time that she is able to give us in these longer sessions in order to process, shift mindsets, and take actions to help us quickly. I really believe that with Georgiana's help, we will be able to take positive actions that we have been struggling to do alone for the past few months, in a much shorter time!
- Zoey S