Building self-esteem and confidence is the cornerstone of living authentically and boldly. I specialise in guiding individuals toward a profound self-discovery journey, When coming across hurdles, blocks and doubts, we stagnate or divert the course of our own journey, which is why I am here to listen and help overcoming difficult emotions blockages and self-limiting beliefs that hold you back from achieving your maximum potential. Uncover your unique strengths, silence self-doubt, and cultivate a deep sense of self-worth. With my empowering tools, learn to navigate life's challenges with newfound confidence and step into a life of self-assurance and empowerment today.


Hi, I rarely means very rarely write reviews, only if something or someone is extremely extraordinary I have been through a difficult time with my family recently left with zero confidence. I have seen many counsellors to seek help bur all were interested in the money and time watchers and this left me even more frustrated without achieving anything until I met incredible and lovely Georgiana who rebuilt lots of confidence in myself. I am still getting sessions with her and every time I see her , I can feel more enthusiasm to react my emotions in a right and positive way .She invest her time with great patience but without greed. I will highly recommend her to anyone who needs motivation in their lives. Thanks Georgiana for your amazing support.
- Ash 'Ash Gog' Gog
For years I have believed therapy is a transformative experience for everyone, not just those suffering from trauma or in need of mental health support, but also for mentally healthy individuals. However, over time I realised that having the wrong therapist can do more damage than good. After going through countless numbers of therapists I finally found Georgiana and I was absolutely blown away. She goes above and beyond the norm of what a therapist does for their client. Her quirky nature, her warm and inviting therapy room makes you feel like you are sat with a friend who genuinely cares about your well being. She is not there to profit from you but to ensure she helps you in any way she can. Even if that means sitting with you for hours on end, late into the evening after she’s had a long day and not stopping until she knows she has made a difference in your life. Her skills and knowledge surpass any therapist I have ever come into contact with. She is able to study your feelings and harvests them for meaning, she guides you in a way that in powerful, transformative but always keeping your comfort at the forefront of her mind-never pushing you to do anything outside of what makes you feel comfortable. She helps remove the wool from you eyes and gives you a sense of vision you never had before walking into her room. I can honestly say you will never find anyone like Georgiana in the world, she is not only beautiful inside and out, but works differently to any therapist I have ever met because she truly cares about her clients. She is kind natured, genuine and just wants to help whom ever she can. I will never use anyone other than her ever again. Thank you for everything x Alex
- Alexandra Miler